The Jury

Otessa Ghadar

Otessa Ghadar is a digital storyteller who uses writing, filmmaking, and technology to share her narratives and build communities. She founded the "DC Web Fest" (now in its 6th year) out of the need for digital content creators to showcase their works, inspiring creativity and innovation. As a professor, Otessa uses her passions to guide the next generation of digital storytellers, through all mediums.

Young Man Kang

Young Man Kang directed five feature films and three web series. All feature films have been released on DVD in the US, and have sold in 15 countries. He has a total of 11 awards from a number of film festivals and webfests. Young Man Kang collaborated with fellow film "Avatar" alumni, Just Cause 3D, on his "4D Experience" Project. He is founder and executive director of the "Seoul Webfest", the only web series festival in Asia.

Astrid Matron

Astrid Matron studied "Applied Theatre Science" and worked on several movie projects as producer, assistant director and cinematographer. From 2013 to 2016 she worked at the "Department for History and Aesthetics of Media" in Jena and teached film analysis and identity depiction in film. In 2016 she graduated with her dissertation on German and Korean contemporary cinema. She lives and works in Berlin.

Thomas Meudt

Thomas Meudt was born in 1988 in Frankfurt am Main and already started writing lyrics and composing music at the age of 12. From then on he played the piano and drums in diverse bands. After Abitur he studied Digital Media with focus on sound and his main area became songwriting, lyrics, music production and marketing. In his Master the focus was on audiovisual productions and the work on set-sound, Sound Design and Film Score. He worked on several projects together with his future series colleagues and affiliates - with whom he realized the series "MEM" in 2012 and the company "Tag & Nacht Media" in 2013.

Christian Stadach

Already during his studies, Christian Stadach worked as Motion Graphics and Compositing Artist for Pixomondo on projects like "Hugo Cabret", "Game of Thrones", "After Earth" and diverse advertising campaigns. Besides his passion for visual post-production, Christian focusses on directing own projects, like the web series "MEM" and also projects in his own company "Tag & Nacht Media", he founded together with Thomas Meudt and Stephan Zimmermann in Darmstadt.

Stephan Zimmermann

Stephan Zimmermann studied Digital Media, with focus on sound at Hochschule Darmstadt. In master course Media Direction, he focused also on conception and film production. In 2013 he realized the internationally awarded web series MEM together with his colleagues Christian and Thomas. Together they founded the Media Production Company Tag & Nacht Media. Stephan is working as an Author and in the fields of Conception, Film & Music Production and Sound Design.

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