Country: Spain
Genre: Comedy
Creators: Eñaut Larreina, Samara Martinez
Directors: Sara Mauleón, Mikel Ramos

Paula is a girl from a wealthy family that by mistake ends up enrolling in the Faculty of Computer Sciences. There, she will meet people that are very different to her, and that will create surreal situations.


Country: Argentina
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Creators: Güido Simonetti, Viviana Nigro, Fabian Benitez
Director: Güido Simonetti

A man tries to rescue his girlfriend from human traffickers and sexual abuse, but the viewer of the web series is the one who chooses among 8 endings.


Country: Switzerland
Genre: Thriller/Comedy
Creators: Nick Rusconi, Chloe De Souza
Director: Nick Rusconi

His name is Arthur, he's 40 and he is the perfect neighbor. He loves breakfast and the vacuum cleaner's sound. Adorable, if you don't focalize too much on his little problem: he's also a serial killer. But he wants to quit. The question is: will he succeed?


Country: France
Genre: Comedy
Creators: Hélène Lombard, Julien Sibony, Méline Engerbeau, Camille Duvelleroy
Director: Guillaume Cremonese

Bertrand is "on a break" with his girlfriend Magalie. While he pretends to travel around the world, he is actually staying with his upper-floor neighbor Gus, an army veteran, who has hacked all the webcams in the building, including Magalie's. Shocked at first, but frightened of losing Magalie to Henry, her new roommate, Bertrand teams up with Gus to spy on his "ex"-girlfriend. 


Country: Spain
Genre: Documentary
Creators: Goiznabar Monclús Vicente, Javier Escudero Marroquín, Hodei Orueta Oribe
Director: Goiznabar Monclús Vicente

The project started on July 6th of 2013. After months of preparation, the main goal of the team was clear, ride the bicycle all around the world. The trip with the slogan: "From Bilbao to Bilbao, a walk over the world" is composed by 3 different minds: A philologist and travel specialist, a graduate in finance and sports, and an artist specializing in audiovisual creation. On their website they showed all adventures of the trip till Malaysia, where they decided to finish the project after one year and a half.

Blind Data

Country: Germany
Genre: Drama
Creator & Director: Carlos Vin Lopes

Two strangers get blindfolded and meet each other within a scientific study. A deep and lasting bond develops between the woman and the man, without seeing each other. Can their love withstand the manipulations and apparent arbitrariness of the scientist? This web series is a real experiment!

Capitol Hill

Country: USA
Genre: Comedy/Horror
Creator & Director: Wes Hurley

Inspired by 1970's American Television and hosted by RuPaul's Drag Race superstar BenDeLaCreme, "Capitol Hill" is the world's first and only queer horror comedy soap opera. Season 1 follows an innocent young girl, named Roses Smell, who escapes the terrible backwater hell-hole of Portland, Oregon and comes to beautiful Seattle, Washington, in hopes of a better life. But along with her new job, new loves and new friends, Roses also finds heartbreak and the demons from her past.

Claire and Michel - The Documentary

Country: Canada
Genre: Mockumentary
Creator: Gabriel Doré
Director: Gabriel Doré, Yves Whissell

Claire and Michel have been in a relationship for almost three years and now dream of having a child. But how can one abandon the freedom of young adulthood for the life of a full-time parent? With the goal of immortalizing their previous life, Claire and Michel will call upon a documentarian to lift the veil on their somewhat absurd day-to-day life.


Country: Canada
Genre: Drama
Creators: Steve Neufeld, Joely Collins
Directors: Gary Harvey, Nigel Edwards

"Coded" is a dramatic series about Shae Fitzgerald, a new teacher dogged by a violent past and a relentless desire to reach his students; five tenth-grade misfits with clinical issues who don't give a shit. 


Country: Argentina
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Horror/Fantasy
Creators: Simon Ratziel, Dany Casco
Director: Pablo J. Parés

The story of "Daemonium: The Underworld Soldier" begins in an alternate universe to ours, in which magic and technology coexist with humans and demons. A long time ago, humans opened a portal to the Demons' Realm, provoking an everlasting crisis, a world at the permanent brink of the apocalypse.

Dark Darkness

Country: USA
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Creator & Director: Wilson Large

Jerry Blankly's AKA Snakeman's solitary life with his snake friends is suddenly hectic when unexpected visitors upset the balance of his delicate ecosystem. Will he be able to overcome his social anxieties and answer the call to adventure?

Darren Has A Breakdown Season 2

Country: UK
Genre: Comedy
Creator & Director: Menelik Simpson

During his court ordered therapy sessions, Darren recounts all the trouble he finds himself in, as he struggles to move on after the breakup from Steph, the love of his life. Darren's long suffering best friend and often ignored voice of reason, Tony, is always on hand to look out for him. One way or another, Darren will finally get over Steph… or find a way to win her back.


Country: Germany
Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Comedy
Creator & Director: Dirk Rosenlöcher

Wake up with the young, stuttering Zecke on a club toilet in Germany in the middle of a bad hangover. The last days' memories lead to a hell of a night, in which we join him and his friends on a crazy trip out of the disco, infected with zombielike monsters.

El Maravilloso Parque Hoolister

Country: Uruguay
Genre: Comedy/Suspense
Creator & Director: Gastón Armagno

Alina is a young girl obsessed with all kinds of detective novels, but she has a big problem: she works in the most boring theme park in the world. One night her luck changes when one of her colleagues appears dead. It seems that "Hoolister" is not that boring after all.

Empty Space

Country: USA
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Creator & Director: Devon Armstrong

After an untimely accident, Orson Ripley, a scruffy but talented denizen of guerilla theater, finds himself torn from his parking lot black-box and thrust into the world of the acerbic and autocratic Ian Kingsley, Artistic Director of the well-heeled Warner Grand Theater. But all is not well at the Warner Grand: a simmering feud between the cast and the crew flares up into open mutiny three days before "Romeo and Juliet" is set to open…

Face to Faith

Country: Switzerland
Genre: Documentary
Creator & Director: Carolina Costa

"Face to Faith" wants to grant everyone the chance to speak. The series consists mainly of short interviews recorded in Geneva with people of all ages and beliefs in order to know their spontaneous answer to existential questions. It is a minute-long video clip of answers to the big questions in life by people aged between 7 and 100!


Country: Germany
Genre: Dramedy
Creator & Director: Dennis Albrecht

The old Bendestorf filmstudios were famous for a long time. Some film producers think it's the perfect location to hold an extravagant film gala. Except - nobody told the security they are there… This is a wild mixture of historical documentary and the fictional stories of the "Filmcity" universe.

Gifted Corporation

Country: Spain
Genre: Thriller/Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Creators & Directors: Rose of Dolls, Oliver Mend

Sean and Silva, who guide us throughout the story, are trying to track down a mysterious coin killer, meeting thriller, action, science fiction and fantasy, and amazing new people on their way. People who are special, who are unique, who are "Gifted". Now is the moment to choose - there is a war coming and two sides to choose from. So, when the moment comes, which one will you prefer? This decision will change your life forever…

Here We Wait

Country: USA
Genre: Drama/Sci-Fi
Creators: Olivia Baptista, Diane Chen
Director: Bea Macapagal

A dramatic, slice of life, sci-fi series about the eclectic waitstaff of purgatory: Which is a restaurant, known as "Here". The staff is tasked with providing each patron passing through with a positive experience and pleasant sendoff. "Here" is a place where a job is expected to last an eternity – until the world and all the people the employees know begin to fall apart.


Country: Italy
Genre: Thriller
Creators: Riccardo Cannella, Cristiano Bolla
Director: Riccardo Cannella

Invited by a mysterious host, five strangers are ferried on a seemingly deserted island. Once taken possession of their rooms, they get together for dinner, where they hope to meet the author of the mysterious invitation. During dinner, the only one that seems at ease with the situation is the cynical and histrionic Anthony.

HIGH ROAD Season 3

Country: New Zealand
Genre: Comedy
Creator & Director: Justin Harwood

Terry Huffer, a washed up, English rockstar from years ago, is too much for London. Or at least too much for his famous sister who doesn't need the PR disaster with her new BBC period drama coming out. So he's shipped off to New Zealand to reconnect with his long lost daughter. But it turns out he's too much for New Zealand, too.


Country: Germany
Genre: Snapchat Soap/Drama
Creators: Veronika Schütt, Olaf Köhler, Marcel Lorenz
Directors: August Pflugfelder, Kevin Schramm

Serafina's dream is to do something with fashion. While following her dream, she shares her complete life, feelings and thoughts with her followers - her first love, her first great disappointment, the weird feelings, when you wake up in the wrong bed, and her doubts about which career path to choose.

Late Bloomer

Country: USA
Genre: Documentary
Creator & Director: Kaye Kittrell

Host Kaye Kittrell created "Late Bloomer" to enlighten and inspire anyone to grow their own food. Learn helpful tips while following Kaye's adventures as a food grower in her Los Angeles front yard. "Late Bloomer" includes entertaining interviews with other food growers and takes a close look at garden insects like the Monarch butterfly and bees.


Country: UK
Genre: Comedy
Creators: Rebecca Jade Hammond, Alex Brammer
Director: Barnaby Hatch

"MidnightMiracle" focuses on Lissa, a working class woman from Wales, who is shunted into stardom after accidentally uploading a video onto YouTube and becoming a viral sensation. Enthusiastic agent Olly and overbearing sister Holly do their utmost to keep Lissa popping out the viral hits, whilst layabout husband Bruno's home-based NASA training threatens to get in the way of not just her career but their entire relationship.

My Wife is a Pastor

Country: Switzerland
Genre: Comedy
Creators: Carolina Costa, Victor Costa
Director: Victor Costa

A web comedy series about the adventures of an unusual couple. He, agnostic and rational, trying to get by with the new profession of his wife as a protestant minister. Between burials and aperitifs to the sound of bells, he will try to get a place in a world where he does not control all the codes!

Orazio's Clan

Country: Switzerland
Genre: Comedy/Grotesque/Horror
Creators: Riccardo Bernasconi, Francesca Reverdito, Giacomo Mondadori
Directors: Riccardo Bernasconi, Francesca Reverdito

Three gypsy vampires have sworn not to drink human blood until the finding of an unconscious young woman destroys their will power. Things get complicated when they aren't the only ones interested in the girl...


Country: France
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Creators: Louis Chiche, William Chiche, Gabriel Chiche
Director: Louis Chiche

"Osmosis" is the online dating site of a near future. Thanks to a revolutionary algorithm, the website founded by Thomas Melville proposes to meet one's soul mate at 100 %. But his brother Paul, who is about to marry Elsa, begins to ask what his life would have been if he had had a choice without trusting "Osmosis". Thomas offers Paul a journey back into his own past. But this journey will not be safe…

Silent Night

Country: Argentina
Genre: Comedy
Creators: Pedro Levati, Agustina Levati
Director: Pedro Levati

At the end of each year, families all over the world go crazy at pre-Christmas weeks. In "Silent Night" we get to know the preparations of one of those many families: The Brunettis, who try to survive, once again, till the night of December 24th in Buenos Aires.

Standardized Season 2

Country: Canada
Genre: Comedy
Creators: Lipe Viana, April Lee
Director: Lipe Viana

An aspiring Brazilian actor meets a variety of talent agents in a frustrating attempt to become an international movie star.

Starting from Now Season 5

Country: Australia
Genre: Drama
Creator & Director: Julie Kalceff

"Starting From Now" follows the entangled, increasingly complicated lives of its four female protagonists as they struggle to work out who they are, find a place where they belong, and maybe even find someone to love along the way.

Talking to Grandma

Country: Poland
Genre: Comedy
Creator & Director: Ula Zawadzka

A dark-humored web series based on a "what if" scenario: What if the Granddaughter was always telling the truth when talking to her Grandma? It's inspired by real-life conversations between actress Ula Zawadzka and her grandmother. PS: Don't try this at home!

The Dump

Country: Canada
Genre: Animation/Comedy
Creator: Maude Morissette
Directors: David Gagné, Maude Morissette

South Park meets Sesame Street! "The Dump" is a comedy series for young adults, starring ludicrous puppets who live in the sewers. Short efficient sketches that are absurd, fast-paced and will make you laugh. Meet Beauty & Beard, a dysfunctional but endearing couple and their crazy friends!

The Pantsless Detective Season 3

Country: USA
Genre: Film Noir/Comedy
Creators: Dipu Bhattacharya, Tom Chamberlain
Director: Dipu Bhattacharya

In Season 3, Detective Panceliss is hired by Constance Trustworthy, a woman with whom he shares a past that they can hint at, awkwardly. After tailing her for a whole day and concluding she's in no danger, he interrupts a mustachioed mystery man ransacking his office. Suddenly, Constance reappears, only to flee and fall off a cliff, leaving Panceliss framed for her murder.

The Pepper Project

Country: USA
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Creator: Caris Vujcec
Directors: Caris Vujcec, Eric Yellin

The story of a not-so-conventional former-CIA turned NYPD-undercover to unnamed special agent Pepper. She exists to find out who murdered her parents when she was ten years old and is obsessed with finding her younger sister Mercy, who disappeared. Get ready to take a badass journey with the ultimate female badass. Prepare to be "Peppered".

The Rolling Soldier

Country: USA
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Creator & Director: John Tague

Connor Flynn, a CIA Black Ops Assassin, wakes up from a ten year coma he suffered due to a roadside bomb attack while on a mission in Afghanistan. Upon waking, he discovers that he has been in hiding and under the protection of what is left of his former covert ops team and family, who are all on the run for being falsely accused of stealing incriminating video footage of illegal Black Op assassinations and military strikes.


Country: Germany
Genre: Comedy
Creators: Thomas Fitschen, Harun Yildirim, Christian Köhne
Director: Christian Köhne

After the death of Maximilian's father, the two friends Maximilian Tiefenbacher and Gregor Schwarz start looking for his lost fortune. They face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and an unpleasant truth, which puts their friendship to a crucial test…


Country: Germany
Genre: Animation/Comedy
Creators: Axel Ricke, Henning Ricke, Daniel Raboldt
Directors: Henning Ricke, Daniel Raboldt

The animals of the forest hire a hitman to get rid of the hunter, Sigmund Freud tries to help the Facehugger from "Alien" because of his commitment phobia, and the Incredible Hulk got a job in kindergarten. Nerdy puppet-comedy for grown-ups.


Country: France
Genre: Drama/Experimental
Creator & Director: Lucie Tournant

Psychological thriller featuring twin sisters exploring the fine line between strength and weakness in humans.



Country: Germany
Genre: Documentary
Creator: Annika Jäckels
Directors: Annika Jäckels, Nadine Hellmann

A vibrant Caribbean island, a green backyard oasis in the city, a mud-brick house next to the peaceful Australian bushland. The places Katia, Jürgen and Ahliya call "home" couldn't be more diverse and yet they share a simple feeling.


Country: Germany
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Creators: Marc Schießer, Marcel Becker-Neu, Christina Ann Zalamea
Director: Marc Schießer

The story revolves around "Wishlist", a smartphone app that makes your wishes come true - in exchange for fulfilling tasks the app is setting. Within the ten episodes of season one, 17-year-old Mira and her friends discover the app and initially love it wholeheartedly. Soon however, they discover that their actions have unintended and terrible consequences...

Yukata Cowboy Season 1

Country: Japan
Genre: Comedy
Creator & Director: Atsushi Ogata

Award-winning cross-cultural sketch comedy series about living in different countries, centered around a culturally hybrid character - half American, half Japanese. He drifts across different cultures in the U.S., Japan, and Europe. Everywhere he goes, he tries to fit in, but the more he fits in, the more he gets mistaken for someone else…

Zyara Season 2


Country: Lebanon
Genre: Documentary
Creators: Muriel Aboulrouss, Denise Jabbour
Director: Muriel Aboulrouss

"Zyara" is a series of poeticized portraits featuring people living in Lebanon. In it's second season the series chooses to highlight Lebanese people with physical challenges: people who succeeded in transcending their disability and kept going for the love of life.



Country: Germany
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Creator: Felix Ruple
Director: Bernd Faass

As Sarah, a young pharmacologist of veterinary medicine, tries to find the underlying cause of a mysterious death in the Swabian "Albtrauf", she gets into tensions between mother nature and its exploitation.

Call of Beauty

Country: Germany
Genre: Drama
Creator & Director: Brenda Lien

Two young women making videos for their YouTube channel, stuck in beauty-industry and product placement. A tyranny of clicks, likes and follower, a gamble with truths and authenticities.

Loose Ends

Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Creator & Director: Devon Armstrong

A pampered young woman is forced to leave college when her mother dies. She must learn how to deal with the hard-ass father she just met for the first time, survive in the foul-mouthed, nicotine-fueled world of a hard-rock roadie, and find family where she least expected it.


Country: Germany
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Supernatural
Creator & Director: Matthias Noe

Benny is determined to find out why his friend Ellie suddenly disappeared one year ago. Therefore, he visits the lonely house in the woods she lives in since her return. There in the no-man's-land, a forest nobody talks about called "Vorm Lindig", the truth is waiting for him.

Out of competition

Komm lieber Tod

Country: Germany
Genre: Documentary
Creator & Director: Paul Lücke

Wanderings through a life accompanied by a death wish: Stefan Lange breaks the taboo and talks about his childhood traumatizations, about fantasies of destruction and self-destruction and successful repression with alcohol and tablets. At the age of 29, after a disappointment in love, he finally can't offer resistance to his life crisis and suicide seems to be the only way out.

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