The Photographer (German Premiere)

Country: Israel | Genre: Drama | Creators: Eynat Baranovsky, Dina Zvi Riklis | Writer: Eynat Baranovsky | Director: Dina Zvi Riklis | Producer: Arik Bernstein | Main Cast: Eynat Baranovsky, Tom Antopolsky, Efrat Arnon, May Keshet, Reimond Amsalem, Joni Eilati, Tatiana Cannelis Olier, Liron Baranes

This is the story of the photographer Anna. Her style is boudoir. In front of Anna’s camera, women reveal their difficulties and secrets and find the strength to come to insights and decisions. Anna tells her story post-mortem. But she hopes that she will be found, that her story, and thus the story of many women, will be heard.