Daniel Götz

Filmmaker, DP, Video Editor, Green Consultant | Germany

Daniel is from a small village in the Rhine-Main area in Germany and has pursued a career in film and media while trying to maintain close connections to his roots. After finishing his master’s degree at the Hochschule RheinMain, he moved to London, which changed his life completely. Here he progressed as a filmmaker while working for DUCK Productions and as an open-minded person influenced by the creativity and diversity of London. He also met and became friends with Becky Hutner, the director of “Fashion Reimagined”, a film about sustainable fashion and the first feature doc where he became the cinematographer. Working on this film motivated him to leave a “greener” impact on the film industry. Since then, Daniel has worked as an editor for 4Reel on the documentary series “Bastard2 - Bad Company” and is working with Becky Hutner and 4Reel on new documentaries.