Gisela Benenzon

Screenwriter, Director | Argentina

Gisela Benenzon is a director, screenwriter and playwright. She worked as an author for Telefé, Pol-Ka (Argentina) Televisa (Mexico), E! EntertainmentTelevision and Mac Guffin (Spain). She also worked as director and screenwriter of the Short Film “Treatment”, and Web Series “Soy Ander”, both winners at INCAA and nominees for several international festivals. Gisela worked as screenwriter of the feature films “Dead Birds” and “When I see you again” and won the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of Madrid for the script “Lies about Ava”. She wrote the plays “I love you like the air I breath” and “To whom it corresponds”, both for the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.Finally, she is the winner of the Artei theater prize for the work “The triangle of Bermuda”, and writer of the popular series “Apache: the life of Carlos Tevez”.