Mikel Ayllon

Artistic Director | Piszifaktoria Ideien Laborategia | Spain

Mikel Ayllon was born in Spain in 1980. He is a writer, scriptwriter, playwright and theatre director. In 2016 Mikel founded Piszifaktoria Ideas Lab, an artistic laboratory where he conducts research on a variety of artistic fields and creates multidisciplinary shows. He has written and directed large-scale plays, fictional audio-guides and street performances. He is the creator and scriptwriter of the web series “Daniel|a|”, a transmedia project created for the Basque public television in 2021, winner of the best Basque web series award at the festival Bilbao Seriesland. He has also published two narrative books: “Ez tiro egin anbulantziei” (Don’t shoot the ambulances), a novel that won the Igartza prize in 2015; and “Zoriontsuak izatea aukeratu genuen” (We choose to be happy), a book of short stories that won the prestigious Kutxa San Sebastian Literary Prize in 2020.