Waref Abu Quba

Filmmaker, Director, Animator | Germany

Waref Abu Quba is an award-winning Syrian-German film director and animator. He has always been fascinated by the magic of moving images, as a melting pot of many art forms. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in art from Damascus University, he began his career as a graphic designer, then he gravitated towards animation and film. With over 15 years of industry experience, he has gained extensive knowledge in various aspects of filmmaking. In his creative work, he constantly pushes the boundaries and experiments with new ideas and mediums, combining camera work, animation and innovative post-production techniques. Waref has a number of short films in animation, fiction and other genres that have been premiered and awarded at international film festivals. Recently, he has expanded his repertoire to include AI-generated animation and launched a series of “AI Video Studies” to explore new creative possibilities. To date, he has posted 27 videos in this series on his social media.