Tue Jun 7, 2022

creators interviews / Buschka discovers Germany, Germany

In the series Buschka discovers Germany, Jörg Buschka goes in search of feelings beyond nostalgia and transfiguration, traits that clearly define ‘the East’ that still survives to this day. Accompanied by his cameraman Stefan Pohl, Buschka meets socially and artistically committed people who were born in the DDR, who tell stories about their lives and show how the city that they love so dearly has changed their lives. It is the story of a longing for genuine understanding and encounter. As a Hessian reporter with paternal roots in Brandenburg, Buschka not only wants to “find the disappeared planet DDR again”, but sets out in five 20-minute episodes on the tireless search for what really makes up “the East”. 2021 his series also won the price for Best Documentary at the Seoul Webfest.

As a qualified designer, Buschka owns storyboards, as an author he writes concepts for documentaries and advertising formats and makes films for television. He has been in front of the camera himself since 2006. In 2019 he received the Seriale critics’ prize as Best German Series for Buschka discovers Germany. It was also nominated for the Golden Prometheus in 2008 as Online Journalist of the Year.

Text: Lisa Heimbach
Interview: Lisa Heimbach, Chris Tom Mathews, Celina Schmitt
Camera: Chris Tom Mathews
Sound: Lisa Heimbach
Editing: Chris Tom Mathews, Lisa Heimbach

Buschka discovers Germany – Show me your East Side! (2020)
Country: Germany
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 5 x 25 min
Director: Jörg Buschka
Writers: Jörg Buschka
Producer: Jörg Buschka
Protagonists: Jörg Buschka, Inka Bause, Kerstin Gosewisch, Toni Krahl, Heiko Lietz, Simone Solga