die Seriale - DigitalSeriesFestival Giessen is the oldest festival in Germany dedicated to present and celebrate digital series. Our goal is to connect, support and pay tribute to all talented creators from around the world and to advertise their wonderful work. On six festival days lectures, workshops and panel discussions will be held. All selected series will be screened in the cinema, open air and after the festival days at die Seriale SparqFest website for one week. The most outstanding series will be awarded by an expert jury. With the Seriale Pro we present a platform for the international digital series industry.

die Seriale was launched by the two film makers, Csongor Dobrotka (Number of Silence) and Dennis Albrecht (Filmstadt), on June 12th, 2015 in order to offer German-speaking independent series a platform beyond the internet, as well; to highlight their innovative nature and their extraordinary quality and to connect the series creators among each other. The exchange between the filmmakers was supposed to enhance the quality of the format and to establish new perspectives in producing and publication.


  • Csongor Dobrotka

    Founder & Festival Director

  • Beate Bambauer

    Program Director

  • Ralf Hofacker

    Festival Manager & Media Design

  • Sandra Wages

    Event Manager

  • Anne Failing

    Festival Organization, Office & Host

  • Daria Solovieva

    Festival Organization, Office & Host

  • Jens Bambauer

    Website & Streaming

  • Birgit Schweitzer

    Public Relations & Blog Editor

  • Isabella Pianto

    Educational Manager

  • Celina Schmitt

    Seriale Pro Manager & Festival Organization

  • Elke Baumann

    Pitch Contest Manager

  • Martin Otto

    Screening Organization

  • Alexandra Manlig

    Seriale Pro Organization & Communication

  • Dorian Lummel

    Seriale Pro Organization & Communication

  • Kaira Masuhr


  • Can Tas

    Videographer & Host

  • Lisa Heimbach

    Interviews & Festival Trailer

  • Chris Tom Mathews

    Interviews & Festival Trailer

  • Ronald Wages

    Screening Coordination

  • Christoforos Mechanezidis


  • Axel Ricke

    Motion Graphics & Host

  • Henning Ricke

    Motion Graphics

  • Anna Sommer

    Pitch Contest Organization

  • Robert G. Achtel

    Web Design

  • Xenia Rempel

    Jury Communication & Graphic Design Team

  • Valeria Mykhtaryants

    Jury Communication

  • Vincent Beck


  • Robin Marco Cid Serwe


  • Jakob Bauer


  • Jonas Engel


  • Mika Römer


  • Robin Zehm


  • Frederike Schrader

    Grafic Design, Hessen Focus & Streaming Team

  • Princess Amarachi Anyasodor

    Blog, Social Media & Website Team

  • Alexa Albert

    Social Media, Website & Streaming Team

  • Anna Villwock

    Award Ceremony & Red Carpet Team

  • Antonia Goltermann

    Social Media & Editorial Team

  • Benjamin Jochum

    Grafic Design & Pitch Contest Team

  • Carla Lilischkis

    Social Media & Award Ceremony Team

  • Christopher Buller

    Grafic Design & Communication Team

  • Faika Amanda Putri

    Grafic Design & Website Team

  • Felicia Neitzel

    Social Media & Red Carpet Team

  • Franziska Jung

    Red Carpet & Communication Team

  • Johanna Jusek

    Social Media & Award Ceremony Team

  • Larissa Danielle Kormann

    Award Ceremony Team

  • Lars Hadeler

    Educational & Editorial Team

  • Laura Zinganell

    Pitch Contest & Award Ceremony Team

  • Leah Grote

    Editorial & Social Media Team

  • Leonie Becker

    Seriale Pro & Pitch Contest Team

  • Lucas Löb

    Website & Interview Team

  • Maike Selting

    Social Media & Editorial Team

  • Marie Hoffstadt

    Red Carpet Team

  • Marlene Quander

    Social Media & Red Carpet Team

  • Samrawit Kuflom Tewolde

    Grafic Design & Website Team

  • Suzanne Zell

    Social Media & Award Ceremony Team

  • Tim Nienhaus

    Social Media & Grafic Design Team

  • Sarah Belen Luibrand

    Late Night Talks

  • Robert Wolff


  • Enrico Schierer


  • Dr. Astrid Matron

    Educational Advisor

  • Jan Krankl

    Festival Team

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