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Fri Mar 24, 2023

What it's like to be gay in Singapore / Interview with director and writer Leon Cheo of the web series People like us

The second season of the series portrays five Asian gay men and how they handle their sexuality and life in Singapore. People like us deals with various problems such as coming out, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and acceptance, in the hope that the series can help change the hearts and minds of the people and government of Singapore.

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Wed Mar 8, 2023

IXA – first vertical Basque web series format / Interview with the author and director Egoitz Diaz Ibargoitia

IXA is the first Basque web series to be created exclusively vertically, meaning it is meant to be watched on your phone. In order to create a new way of promoting audio-visual consumption in Basque, especially among younger people, the series was recorded entirely in Basque. The series addresses different themes, with each episode always following a common thread – Time. IXA includes six independent episodes which explore the use of time and the way we see it. Each episode tells a story of an individual in an everyday situation, culminating in a dramatic climax. The first season consists of six chapters, each lasting no more than 10 minutes and taking place in different “non-places.”

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Fri Feb 17, 2023

A right wing man on a journey to be purified in the end / interview with Wouter Wirth und Moritz Adlon the directors and writers of MILIZ!

MILIZ! is a comedy about Helmut, who is in a crisis after his wife has kicked him out and he has to move in with his grandmother. After that he decides to start a vigilante against foreigners and get to know Elvis and Tina in this way. But Elvis turns out as a neo-Nazi and Tina as a policewoman who has the mission to spy the group out. Divided by these two sides, Helmut has to ask himself: Do I want to be a Nazi or not?

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Fri Jan 27, 2023

How Crises of Faith can affect one’s identity and the role of Society / Interview with Tijuana Ricks about her series All Souls

All Souls – this is the name of the American series and the name of the church in which the story is told. But also, thematically, the title fits like no other. All people are included; no one should be excluded based on any quality or attitude. But what if it does happen? What happens when everything that was previously considered normal and understandable is questioned? What happens when a pastor questions his faith? This is precisely what the web series All Souls is about, crises of faith and questions of identity within society.

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