Watch all series of the Official Selection 2023 on sparqfest. Available from June 29th to July 4th, 2023.

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"die Seriale" is the oldest festival in Germany for digital series. The festival is dedicated to audience, creators, students and all series fans. The Official Selection with over 50 series and pilots from 18 countries is presented in the movie theatre, open air and on demand. The supporting program offers a conference with lectures and panel discussions.

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The Educational offers lectures and discussions that intend to bring together film and media scholars with creators. How did the web series world develop in the past two decades? Where are we standing now and what is changing? What are the differences in the dramaturgical structure between short and long form series? What are the up-and-coming ideas and formats? And how do we look at short form digital series from a film- and media-theoretical perspective? The Educational is a cooperation with the "Hessen Film & Media Academy", the network of 13 Hessian universities.

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