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Fri Jan 27, 2023

How Crises of Faith can affect one’s identity and the role of Society / Interview with Tijuana Ricks about her series All Souls

All Souls – this is the name of the American series and the name of the church in which the story is told. But also, thematically, the title fits like no other. All people are included; no one should be excluded based on any quality or attitude. But what if it does happen? What happens when everything that was previously considered normal and understandable is questioned? What happens when a pastor questions his faith? This is precisely what the web series All Souls is about, crises of faith and questions of identity within society.

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Wed Sep 28, 2022

Shining a light on subcultures and communities / interview with Andrew Shanks and Nicholas Cleary, creators of Love, Guns and Level-Ups

Love, Guns and Level Ups is a series by Nicholas Cleary and Andrew Shanks, two filmmakers from Adelaide, Australia, and is available on their Youtube-channel Fury Fingers. In it, two characters, Bree and Elliot, meet in an online video game and start a relationship. Gaming and related topics such as Cosplay are at the centre of their shared journey, and the games reflect their relationship in various ways. As it travels through a number of genres, the series is focussed on presenting Elliot and Bree with a lot of situations that test their relationship.

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Mon Sep 19, 2022

A meeting of the generations based on true experiences / Interview with Patrick Bilodeau, creator of Claire and the elderly

Claire, a nine-year-old girl, lives with her grandmother in an elderly home after her mother overdoses. A story about family drama, fears of a young girl and a problematic relationship between a mother-daughter bond. A heart-warming but as well dramatic series.

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Sat Jun 11, 2022

When the most beautiful day in your live gets crushed by a pandemic you make a series out of it / Interview with Luke Eve and Maria Albiñana producers of Cancelled

A wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful time in life, but what if a pandemic comes in between? That fate overtook Luke (Luke Eve) and Maria (Maria Albiñana) in Cancelled. As if that would not be enough, they must deal with their daily live together with the mother-in-law Karen (Karen Eve) inside of a lockdown in Spain.

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