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Sat May 29, 2021

Carpark Comedy: Where do you party, when there is no bar around?

Carpark Clubbing is a webseries about three very different women in Western Sydney, who strike a friendship in an unsuspected place. The winners of the Best Ensemble Cast award at die Seriale 2020, as well the writers of Carpark Clubbing, give us an insight about the profound background of the funny series.

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Mon May 24, 2021

Love in the age of loneliness / Jazmín Stuart stages poetic cinematic letters to ex-partners in "Letters To My Ex”

An insight into eight love stories is provided by Letters To My Ex, a web series that is available on the Argentinian video platform UN3 TV. “A x-ray of love in the age of loneliness” is how filmmaker Jazmín Stuart sums up her series in the synopsis herself. Eight protagonists address a filmic message to their former partners in the form of a “metaphorical letter”. The result is eight individual short films about failed relationships that could not be more different.

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Sat May 22, 2021

Creators interviews / Lotte Haus, South Korea/Germany

Interview with actress Genie Kim, Director Young Man Kang and Producer Joo-hyun Yoo

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Wed May 19, 2021

“Documentary is like hunting” / An Interview with Martin Bureau winner Best Documentary Seriale 2020 for “Walls of Disorder”

Everyone knows walls of separation around the world. Whether it is the Berlin Wall, which separated East- and West Germany and is a popular sight today or whether currently it is the wall between the USA and Mexico. Walls separate nations, states and people and should help to solve conflicts. But as Martin Bureau presents in his documentary “Walls of Disorder”, walls cause or rather tighten problems.

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