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Sun May 16, 2021

Creators interviews / Caterpillar's Times, Canada

Interview with Catherine White, Writer and Director of Caterpillars’ Times, Canada

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Thu May 13, 2021

Best series of die Seriale 2020: Migrant Stories – A tale of our times!

Four young people, one common goal: A new life in the City of Dreams! Not New York but Buenos Aires is the name of the place in Migrant Stories (2019) where Agustín, Amaral, Pedro and Lucero have to go about their daily lives. But it soon becomes clear that in this city hope and misery are just two sides of the same peso. We conducted an interview with screenwriter Melisa Vega and director Mariano Pozzi.

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Tue May 11, 2021

Behind the scenes of an online live festival

After a successful festival in 2019, the team started mid-August with the preparations for the coming year. Locations were booked, and the event was as good as prepared. Then the blow came, and corona disillusioned the Seriale team. It was written in the stars whether the festival could take place in 2020 at all. 

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Mon May 10, 2021

creator interviews / Bastards., Germany

Interview with Marco Eisenbarth, director of Bastards., Germany

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