Sat Jun 11, 2022

creators interviews / 2 Minutes, Germany

Two minutes can be life changing. The award-winning web series 2 Minutes (2020) written by Lisa Miller shows very different perspectives on the events happening around doing a pregnancy test. It shows women desperately trying to get pregnant, those who are afraid of it or simply choose to not want a baby at all, as well as disabled women with the wish of giving birth, so a lot of actresses got involved. The series was created for the public broadcast MDR under the label Red Pony Pictures powered by Saxonia Media. We asked one of the three producers Daniela Zentner, who has been working for Saxonia Media since 2018, how the production of 2 Minutes went and what role political correctness and social media played for the web-series. She also tells us about her reasons to produce the series.

Text: Celina Schmitt
Interview: Lisa Heimbach, Chris Tom Mathews, Celina Schmitt
Camera: Chris Tom Mathews
Sound: Lisa Heimbach
Editing: Chris Tom Mathews, Lisa Heimbach

2 Minutes (2020)
Country: Germany
Genre: Dramedy
Runtime: 6 x 7 min
Director: Lisa Miller
Writers: Lisa Miller
Producers: Daniela Zentner, Yvonne Abele, Josepha Herbst, Katharina Puttend├Ârfer
Cast: Taneshia Abt, Ninia Binias (Ninia LaGrande), Omar El-Saeidi, Johanna Franke, Corinna Harfouch, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Rupert Markthaler, Marie Nasemann, Sophie Pfennigstorf, Shenia Pitschmann, Kevin Silvergieter, Madieu Ulbrich, Luisa W├Âllisch