Nominees & Winners 2022

All narrative Series are nominated for BEST SERIES. The BEST SERIES award includes prize money of 1.000 €.

best series

  • No, you're stupid! (Season 2)

best directing

  • Arthur (Season 2) Nick Rusconi
  • Complete Time Travel Guide Rose of Dolls, Oliver Mend
  • Hogtown Josiane Blanc
  • Per Aspera Andrea Traina
  • UP UP Maximilian Allgeier, Linus Joos
  • VODKA VARIATIONS Eva Maria Sommersberg
  • YouTube Policeman Akaki Sakhelashvili

best screenplay

  • Arthur (Season 2) Chloe De Souza, Nick Rusconi
  • Discontent Kathleen Lee, Sam Rogers
  • Geese Palace Silvina Ganger
  • Lost & Found Cowboy
    (Season 2)
    Atsushi Ogata
  • People Talking
    (Season 2)
    Álvaro Carmona
  • Prisoner Ingrid Franchi
  • This Is Not A Hotel Dana Crosa
  • UP UP Maximilian Allgeier, Linus Joos, Anisha Cornips, Christoph A. Klimke, Jonathan Steinhardt

best cinematography

  • Arthur (Season 2) Giacomo Jaeggli
  • BASTARD2. BAD COMPANY Laura Köhler, Marco Eisenbarth
  • Cafe Midnight (Season 3) Jae Hong Pack
  • Complete Time Travel Guide Rocío De Las Muñecas
  • Night Witches Sherkhan Tansykbaev
  • Per Aspera Antonio Riva, Luca Cappello
  • Wipe me away Philippe
  • Yunseul Ho Yeon Joo

best actress

  • Arthur (Season 2) Vanessa Compagnucci
  • Discontent Kathleen Lee
  • Geese Palace Lucila Brea
  • Hogtown Cindy Charles
  • @IAmSophieScholl Luna Wedler
  • Sasha and her STI Britt Scholte
  • The Youth Ga En Lee
  • This Is Not A Hotel Mara Bestelli

best actor

  • A little while Rodrigo Casavalle
  • Arthur (Season 2) Ettore Nicoletti
  • Cafe Midnight (Season 3) Do young
  • CROSS Marcelo Subiotto
  • Per Aspera Salvo Paternò
  • Sheker (Season 2) Azat Zhumadil
  • UP UP Thiago Braga de Oliveira
  • YouTube Policeman Fyodor Lavrov

best ensemble cast

  • Abracadavers (Season 2)
  • Casa De Ma
  • Complete Time Travel Guide
  • Detention Adventure
    (Season 3)
  • HEROES - Limited Edition
  • No, you’re stupid! (Season 2)
  • UP UP

best supporting actress

  • Cafe Midnight (Season 3) In I Kim
  • Hogtown Sandra Dorélas
  • The Red Thread Chrissie Shaw
  • UP UP Charlotte Irene Thompson
  • VODKA VARIATIONS Anne Kulbatzki
  • VODKA VARIATIONS Stefanie Reinsperger

best supporting actor

  • Arthur (Season 2) Massimo Viafora
  • Cafe Midnight (Season 3) Joo Hwan Shin
  • Geese Palace Claudio Mattos
  • People Talking
    (Season 2)
    Miki Esparbé
  • This Is Not A Hotel Santiago Gobernori
  • UP UP Joel Olano

best editing

  • Casa De Ma Andrés Estrada, Miguel Goicoeche, Enrique Blanchard
  • Complete Time Travel Guide Damian Karras, Oliver Mend
  • Lost & Found Cowboy
    (Season 2)
    Atsushi Ogata
  • Night Witches Ernar Nurgaliev
  • RE CANCELLED Melanie Annan
  • Romp Tonnette Stanford

best visual effects

  • Abracadavers (Season 2) Morgan Ermter
  • Detention Adventure
    (Season 3)
    Sebastian Harder
  • HEROES - Limited Edition Adi Kvetner, Nadav Rotem
  • Inimigo Oculto Victor Iemini
  • Per Aspera Andrea Traina
  • Sheker (Season 2) Igor Oleksiienko

best production design

  • Abracadavers (Season 2) Kenya Weaver, Mike Kasper
  • Complete Time Travel Guide Tania Soprano, Rose of Dolls
  • @IAmSophieScholl Stefanie Probst
  • No, you’re stupid! (Season 2)
  • Per Aspera Marianna Sciveres
  • VODKA VARIATIONS Nicole Zielke

best costume design

  • Abracadavers (Season 2) Kenya Weaver
  • Complete Time Travel Guide
  • HEROES - Limited Edition Tal Kilshon
  • @IAmSophieScholl Juliane Maier, Sabin Groeflin
  • VODKA VARIATIONS Nicole Zielke
  • Yunseul

best sound design

  • Detention Adventure
    (Season 3)
  • Minimally Invasive Procedure
  • Night Witches
  • Per Aspera
  • Prisoner
  • Sheker (Season 2)

best original score

  • Arthur (Season 2) Elias Bertini
  • Cafe Midnight (Season 3) Sung Min Kwon
  • Hogtown Lora Bidner
  • Per Aspera Marco Cascone
  • UP UP Bertolt Pohl
  • Wipe me away Joseph Marchand

best idea

  • How To
  • @IAmSophieScholl
  • Inimigo Oculto
  • Minimally Invasive Procedure
  • Recife is an egg

best animation/puppetry

  • Broadcast My Ass
  • Fox in the Woods
  • Lucidity
  • The Hacking Universe
  • The Little Broomstick Rider
  • Word of Sox

best documentary

  • Ana Beirut
  • Buschka Discovers Germany (Season 4)
  • The Butcher
  • Matrimoine
  • Pille Palle
  • Poutiner

best pilot

  • Death on Arrival
  • Eat. Drink. Dish.
  • Fishing Avocados
  • Four Tracks
  • Hudson Falls
  • Satoshi's Treasure
  • Serkar
  • The girl who dreamed of being a llama (and the boy who wanted to be blind)
  • Under one Roof
  • We are free
  • Wild Wild Talk

winners pitch contest

  • Rainbow Chameleon - Tajo Hurrle Gold
  • Six Strings - Till Georg Schadeck Silver
  • The Mothers - Jennida Chase Bronze

Series Jury | Honorable Mention for “This is not a Hotel“

Series Jury | Honorable Mention for “UP UP“

Series Jury | Honorable Mention for “Casa de Ma“

Pilots Jury | Honorable Mention for “Four Tracks“

Documentary Jury | Honorable Mention for “Ana Beirut“

Animation Jury | Honorable Mention for “The Little Broomstick Rider“

Pitch Contest Jury | Honorable Mention for for “How Grinchi and Mrs. Claus bloodied Christmas“ by Gabriela Cortés, Andrea Meneses

Partner Festival's Direct Selections

Bilbao Seriesland (Spain): @IamSophieScholl (with flight and accommodation)



Sicily Web Fest (Italy): BASTARD2. BAD COMPANY

Rio Web Fest (Brazil): Word of Sox

Minnesota Web Fest (United States): Wild Wild Talk

Miami Web Fest (United States): Serkar

Series Jury | Statement for Best Series

A rollercoaster of emotions. We completely related to the complex relationship of this intimate story. The combination of great acting, great directing and great storytelling touches not only the target audience but also all generations. We just loved it.

Documentary Jury | Statement for Best Documentary

The docu-series stands out because of its complete and compelling storytelling. The characters are three-dimensional and entertaining, driving the audience into the wrestling world they are passionate about. Last but not least, the execution is stylistically very strong.

Pilot Jury | Statement for Best Pilot

It boldly convinces from the first moment with its poetic visual language, and is carried from then on by its convincing cast. The refreshingly new premise makes you want more!

Series Jury | Statement for Best Directing

Fast pace, with a lot of surprises. Not only has the series great and bold directing, it also has an important political message. We admire, that he puts his voice out there with such a great series. We felt his hope for changes in the future.

Series Jury | Statement for Best Editing

They play in a skill full way with rhythm and speed. With help of their editing they make us travel in time through references to fantastic movies of the past.

Series Jury | Statement for Best Ensemble Cast

Tour de force of acting, combined with natural improvisation. An ensemble masterpiece.

Series Jury | Statement for Best Original Score

The music draws you into the magic of this wonderful story. The score manages to make us feel the emotional impact in a real connected way.

Series Jury | Statement for Best Production Design

Just beautiful historical richness, masterful color concept, the world was created with so much love to detail we were blown away.

Series Jury | Statement for Best Visual Effects

First we thought we were watching a Hollywood movie, then we realized it was a great web series with exceptional visual effects.

Series Jury | Honorable Mention for “This is not a Hotel“

This series holds up a mirror to all of us. Let’s rethink the attitude to our next of kin. Especially the complex relationship to our mother always leaves room for improvement. The story touches our heart right in the centre.

Pilots Jury | Honorable Mention for “Four Tracks“

The characters took us straight on the journey, and we were right in the center of the action. The main character was tangible, emphatic and lively: her life is about existence, conflicts, problems. We wanted to keep watching, it’s interesting to see how her life will turn out. A very successful pilot episode.

Documentary Jury | Honorable Mention for “Ana Beirut“

For its ability to tell raw stories of brutal realities with the delicacy only poetry can have.

Pitch Contest Jury | Honorable Mention for “How Grinchi and Mrs. Claus bloodied Christmas“ by Gabriela Cortés, Andrea Meneses

These woman show us that we do not need superpowers to be powerful. We appreciated to be able to understand that through female solidarity we can “SAVE the world“.