Nominees & Winners 2023

best series

  • All In
  • Black Sunday
  • Death Phone
  • Frapuccino (Season 2)
  • Hammersmith
  • Hotel Sweet Hotel
  • Victoria
  • W. (Chapter II)

best directing

  • All In Daniel Popat & Marco Hülser
  • Black Sunday Ludmila Wagnest
  • Death Phone Diego Leanza & Sofía Szelske
  • HAMMERSMITH Kyle Leland Cullerton
  • The Universe Conspires. An Essay on Love. Leonardo Pintos
  • Victoria Agustina Gatto
  • W.
    (Chapter II)
    Frédéric Zeimet
  • We are all Maca Naomi Stein

best screenplay

  • All In Daniel Popat & Marco Hülser
  • Black Sunday Ludmila Wagnest
  • Daniel/a Mikel Ayllon
  • Death Phone Sofía Szelske & Carlos Wasserman
  • Frapuccino
    (Season 2)
    Mathilde Bourbin
  • HAMMERSMITH Kyle Leland Cullerton
  • Tokens
    (Season 2)
    Winnifred Jong
  • We are all Maca Belén Hernandez Puig & Naomi Stein

best cinematography

  • All In Markus Ott
  • Black Sunday Gisela Cisilin
  • Daniel/a Zigor Etxebarria
  • Death Phone Nahuel Varela
  • Hotel Sweet Hotel Esteban Vergara
  • The Y-Theory
    (Season 3)
    Edouard Outters
  • Victoria Ignacio Aveillé
  • Witching Hour Rose of Dolls

best actress

  • Affectionately, Good bye Lee Hye-in
  • Daniel/a Leire Ormazabal
  • Frapuccino
    (Season 2)
    Mathilde Bourbin
  • HOT ANGRY MOM Mel House
  • The Photographer Eynat Baranovsky
  • Victoria Magela Zanotta
  • W.
    (Chapter II)
    Catherine Elsen
  • We are all Maca Yasmin Eisenberg

best actor

  • Affectionately, Good bye Si-jin Bae
  • All In Daniel Popat
  • Black Sunday Victorio D’Alessandro
  • Daddy Issues Irad Barzilay
  • HAMMERSMITH Nick Wilson
  • Landing Home Douglas Taurel
  • The Y-Theory
    (Season 3)
    Gaspard Rozenwajn
  • Victoria Héctor Díaz

best ensemble cast

  • Detox
  • Forgotten Masters
    (Season 2)
  • Frapuccino
    (Season 2)
  • Kith & Kin
  • Magdeburg Moritzplatz
    (Season 2)
  • Queen of the Playground
  • The Universe Conspires. An Essay on Love.

best supporting actress

  • All In Lucy-Alena Wilke
  • An Ultradeformer Walk Cristina Maresca
  • Black Sunday Mina El Hammani
  • Hotel Sweet Hotel Ana María Arango
  • Hotel Sweet Hotel Isabella Restrepo
  • Petites Histoires dans la Ville Arlen Aguayo-Stewart

best supporting actor

  • Black Sunday Ramiro Blas
  • Death Phone Mario Alarcón
  • Hotel Sweet Hotel Hugo Gómez
  • Petites Histoires dans la Ville Luis Oliva
  • Sisyphus Angelo Spagnoletti
  • The Y-Theory
    (Season 3)
    Dirk Van Vaerenbergh

best editing

  • Black Sunday Jose M. Vilalta
  • Death Phone Luciano Sosa & Ignacio Scaglione
  • Frapuccino
    (Season 2)
    Eder Urrejola & Bruno Béquet
  • HOT ANGRY MOM Jessica Alexandra Green
  • The Universe Conspires. An Essay on Love. Paulo Olivera & Leandro Salandrú
  • We are all Maca Virginia Mozzon & Diego Lynch

best visual effects

  • Death Phone Pablo E. Herrera & Julián Cortizo
  • HAMMERSMITH Michael Fernandez & Tyler Scheitlin
  • Hotel Sweet Hotel Cristian Casas, Miguel Ortega, Juan David Alfaro
  • Queen of the Playground Arseniy Abdrakhmanov & Nozim Mukhitdinov
  • Sisyphus
  • W.
    (Chapter II)
    Gil Galvao

best production design

  • An Ultradeformer Walk
  • Chateau Laurier
    (Season 2)
  • Death Phone
  • Private
  • The Y-Theory
    (Season 3)
  • We are all Maca

best costume design

  • An Ultradeformer Walk
  • Chateau Laurier
    (Season 2)
    Melissa Bessey
  • Death Phone Lorena Segovia
  • Forgotten Masters
    (Season 2)
    Greta Headley
  • Queen of the Playground Aizhan Kaliyeva
  • We are all Maca Nacho Gorini, Keila Lozano, Sofía Brunfman

best sound design

  • Death Phone
  • Magdeburg Moritzplatz (Season 2)
  • Segunda Pele
  • Sisyphus
  • W.
  • Witching Hour

best original score

  • Black Sunday Augusto Wagnest, Germán Luis Wagnest, Marcos Terrones
  • Chateau Laurier (Season 2) Michael Stanutz
  • Death Phone Sebastián Furman
  • Detox Jean-Philippe Levac & Karelle Tremblay
  • Hotel Sweet Hotel José Carlos María
  • The Universe Conspires. An Essay on Love. Valentín Ferreira

best idea

  • Forgotten Masters (Season 2)
  • Illuminagents
  • Recife’s Greatest Love Story
  • The Photo of My Life
  • The Photographer
  • Witching Hour

best animation

  • Tito Bilbao
  • The Dump (Season 2)
  • The Sunset Special

best documentary

  • Akanuanua
  • ANA (I AM)
  • Beyond Fashion
  • Fritz Menzer - A Secret Life
  • Hollywood Nazista
  • Rhythms of Italy

best pilot

  • all the guests have left
  • As Dead As It Gets
  • Centralstation - Hala Belladonna
  • Digital Investigations
  • Girl Dad
  • Lebensraum
  • Magnum Opus
  • Mid-to-Late
  • The Sunset Special

best pitch

  • YOU ARE MINE - Kaija Kohlstadt

Pitch Contest Jury | "Honorable Mention for Ex Officio! - Nico Drago"

Pitch Contest Jury | "Honorable Mention for Müstache - Mathilde Bourbin"

Pilots Jury | Honorable Mention for Mid-to-Late

This series portraits a current story with a masterful performance by its protagonist. Additionally, the cinematography, the soundtrack, and the script development are well executed. That’s why we think this pilot deserves the Honorable Mention.

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Jury Statements

Series Jury | Statement Best Series

We had the pleasure of watching all of the wonderful nominations this year, and yet the difficult task of picking just one overall winner. This production took all of the elements we have been awarding here and brought them together into a really well-rounded series. From the original premise to the visual effects that helped bring it all to life, this series kept us all hooked.

Pilots Jury | Statement Best Pilot

This series is an original proposal with captivating script that leaves you wanting more. We highlight the technical quality, the use of special effects that enhance the story development, and the performances of its cast. Without a doubt, the whole crew has done a great job.

Documentary Jury | Statement Best Documentary

A poetic, daring and innovative series mosaic that portraits a vulnerable and intimate bouquet of diverse individuals. It leaves an appetite for human beings and encourages a reflection of the self.

Animation Jury | Statement Best Animation

Tito Bilbao tells the dramatic journey of a washed-up soccer commentator in a charmingly exaggerated way. Soccer is an arena that can be easily overloaded with clichés and lame jokes. But the creators chose for a quirky satire that embraces its flawed characters. Auditive and visual stylistic means are well balanced, as none of them is pushed into the foreground. They all follow the beautiful rhythm of the narrative that doesn't overwhelm the viewer but charmingly takes them by the hand. Thus the focus lies on the overall work of art.But we would like to particularly mention the script that charmed us: very funny writing that - without obsessing on big gag density - draws a surprising plot while staying very close to its cranky characters. Viewing habits are charmingly broken by hints that are not necessarily redeemed, but casually come by - as in real life.An animated series like this is usually a big production that requires many hands that lead to unwanted compromises. But through an admirable reduction of stylistic devices to the core of the narrative, Jonathan and Lucas have succeeded to share a very personal vision with us. Many thanks.

Series Jury | Statement Best Directing

Filmmaking is a collaborative art form, but it still requires a strong leader to guide the team to create a believable story. The director creates the tone, decides the vision and shapes the performances to make the audience laugh or cry. We feel this director did just that, creating a production that left us both uncomfortable at times, yet also inspired for change.

Series Jury | Statement Best Actress

This year’s die Seriale’s Nominees are absolutely incredible! It’s an honor to be here to announce Best Actress. This actress brought her character to life in such a dynamic way that we couldn’t help but be swept up by the emotions on display through out the series.

Series Jury | Statement Best Actor

The actor in this series is performing well in expressing his character, who is dealing with the dark reality of a new environment. His acting is very believable, realistic and down to earth.

Series Jury | Statement Best Cinematography

For skillfully narrating with light deeply moving images that bring together multiple narratives into one cohesive world.

Series Jury | Statement Best Screenplay

A screenplay is constructed from a series of letters and punctuation, without which bad writing like this would not exist look up and make eye contact with audience... But without good writing, even the best-looking series would fall flat on its face. Despite what Hollywood studios seem to think, writers are an incredibly important part of the filmmaking process. This year’s winning screenplay effectively uses dialogue and at – times absurd situations to tell a story with not just humor but a surprising amount of heart as well.

Series Jury | Statement Best Idea

A good ‘idea’ is the sparkle that can grow into a great production! For being original, imaginative and powerful.