Nominees & Winners 2024

All narrative short form series are nominated for BEST SERIES.

best series

  • 2 Minutes - 24/7

best directing

  • 2 Minutes - 24/7 Lisa Miller, Leonie Krippendorff
  • Becoming Charlie Kerstin Polte, Greta Benkelmann
  • Hell Santiago Mouriño, Pablo Balmaceda
  • Protected Space Eyal Dickman
  • Sasha Counters! Anna Zaytseva
  • The Care-Breakers Zoé Tremblay-Bianco

best screenplay

  • all the guests have left Dion Schumann
  • Becoming Charlie Lion H. Lau
  • Memories of a forgotten Childhood Lars Smekal
  • My Exes' Zodiac Signs Andrezza Czech
  • Protected Space Anna Fatahov
  • Roommate Quest! Julia Römpp

best leading performance

  • Becoming Charlie Lea Drinda
  • Finest Cuts Guilherme Corrêa
  • Hell Agostina Inella
  • Sasha Counters! Anna Potebnya
  • The Care-Breakers Tiffany Montambault
  • The Method. Foundation of Identity Paola Barrientos

best supporting performance

  • Becoming Charlie Katja Bürkle
  • Hell Verónica Gerez
  • Hogtown (Season 2) Sandra Dorélas
  • I WILL BURY YOU (Season 2) Clare Coulter
  • Roommate Quest! Nils Brunkhorst
  • With Grace (Season 3) Ben Wood

best editing

  • 2 Minutes - 24/7 Elena Scharwächter, Emma Gräf, Petja von Bredow
  • Content Farm Alaine Hutton
  • Hell Santiago Mouriño
  • MusicStories Elena Walter
  • No One Around Joaquín Bravo, Magui Mieres, Karen Antunes
  • The Care-Breakers Andrée-Anne Lavoie

best original score

  • 2 Minutes - 24/7 Philipp Thimm
  • Becoming Charlie Pelle Parr
  • Hell Juan Manuel Ponce
  • Hogtown Lora Bidner
  • The Gliwensbourg Chronicles Guillaume Wilmot
  • Wipe me away (Season 2) Joseph Marchand

best production design

  • Haus Kummerveldt
  • MusicStories
  • Roommate Quest!
  • Sasha Counters!
  • The Gliwensbourg Chronicles
  • The Method. Foundation of Identity

best costume design

  • 2 Minutes - 24/7
  • Becoming Charlie
  • Haus Kummerveldt
  • MusicStories
  • The Drop
  • The Gliwensbourg Chronicles

best idea

  • Content Farm
  • Missing
  • MusicStories
  • Secürity
  • The Drop
  • The MUTE Series

best cinematography

  • 2 Minutes - 24/7 Sabine Panossian, Lotta Kilian
  • Becoming Charlie Lotta Kilian, Philip Jestädt
  • Finest Cuts Eduardo Sansigolo
  • Hell Alejandro Ortiguera
  • I WILL BURY YOU (Season 2) Michael Jari Davidson
  • MusicStories Jonas Schmieta
  • Sasha Counters! Egor Vetokhin
  • Wipe me away (Season 2) Philippe St-Gelais

best ensemble cast

  • 2 Minutes - 24/7
  • Haus Kummerveldt
  • Missing
  • No One Around
  • Protected Space
  • Roommate Quest!
  • Secürity
  • Wipe me away (Season 2)

best documentary

  • AD Maiora (Season 3)
  • Beyond Fashion (Season 2)
  • Drag Heals (Season 4)
  • Fichines: The History of Arcades in Argentina
  • Gelbe Karten & Lila Latzhosen - Fundstücke der Borkener Frauenbewegung
  • K' Road Chronicles
  • Kick it like a girl
  • The Real Land of Opportunity

best long form series

  • Family Therapy
  • Füxe
  • Lily's turn
  • Swiss Secrets

best animation

  • Eva. Connected Through Time
  • Super Fails
  • The Kirlian Frequency (Season 2)

best pilot

  • CCF's Solstice Stories
  • Earthlings
  • For Years to Come
  • Lady Priest
  • Pulp Air
  • Strauss in the head
  • The Folks
  • The Last Monkey

best pitch

  • Switching Selma

Partner Festival's Direct Selections

Bilbao Seriesland (Spain): Becoming Charlie

T.O. Webfest (Canada): Memories of a forgotten Childhood

Jury - Honorable Mentions

Series Jury | Honorable Mention for Costume Design: “Haus Kummerveldt“

Documentary Jury | Honorable Mention for “Kick it like a girl“

Before we announce the winner of this year‘s Best Documentary award we would like to give an honorable mention to a series that impressed us due to its fine craftsmanship and emotional as well as witty storytelling. The honorable mention in the category Documentary goes to: Kick it like a Girl! Documentary filmmaking is an outstanding tool to provide a stage for topics such as diversity, gender identity and many other sociocultural aspects. We applaud the courage of both - filmmakers and protagonists to tell these stories.

Long Form Series Jury | Honorable Mention for “Lily's turn“

Pilots Jury | Honorable Mention for “Lady Priest“

The power of series is to give us a look of realities that maybe we don't know well. That's the magic of storytelling. This pilot episode does it by mixing a dose of humor with drama, with good interpretations of the characters. So, congratulations to LADY PRIEST. As they say in the series, “the grandmothers who were born before their time“ and wanted to finish their studies and become prime minister, they will be proud of this.

Pitch Contest Jury | Honorable Mention for “TMA & ASSMAN“

Pitch Contest Jury | Honorable Mention for “Knetball“

Jury - Statements

Series Jury | Statement for Best Series

If you've been fortunate enough to go to any of the screening blocks, you'll understand just why deciding Best Series was the most difficult decision we had to make. The winning series is outstanding on multiple levels: A compelling narrative with harmonious images, carried by a convincing cast. Different perspectives provide insights into complex situations and show that nothing in life is just black and white. It also sheds light on sensitive subjects with humor without taking away from its depth. And the winner is 2 Minutes - 24/7.

Pilots Jury | Statement for Best Pilot

A pilot episode has to be only a beginning of a story. It has to be a promise to the audience with the question: What will happen in the next episode? I promise you, it is getting worse! Or it is getting better with a happy end? You have to find out! THE FOLKS gives you the question: What went wrong in this friendship? And: This will not be an easy path! Congratulations to THE FOLKS. The Jury wants to know what will happen in the next episodes.

Documentary Jury | Statement for Best Documentary

At the same time documentary films and series allow us to gain a glimpse into sub- and pop-cultures and experience stories of passion, drive and dedication - simply put: stories of what makes us happy. It is one of these stories that we would like to honor tonight with the award for Best Documentary Series. A series that deeply surprised us by taking us on a journey into the past, where we met authentic, lovable characters that shared with us their undying passion for an otherwise long forgotten sub-culture that laid the foundation of what would become the modern gaming industry. The Award for Best Documentary Series goes to: Fichines - The History of Arcades in Argentina

Series Jury | Statement for Best Idea

This year's winner for Best Idea used a creative and unique approach to storytelling that entertained and captured the audience's imagination in a multitude of ways. It exploits the possibilities of film language and cinematography in an original and surprising fashion. And the winner is: Music Stories.

Series Jury | Statement for Best Screenplay

The Best Screenplay won us over with an engaging and compassionate story that convincingly develops the external challenges and internal struggles of its characters. Lifelike and multi-layered, it tells the protagonist's complex journey in a sincere and heartfelt manner.

Series Jury | Statement for Best Directing

This year's strong crop of directors made this decision partially difficult. But one series emerged as the best one that inspired consistently strong performances across the cast, with action and dialogue framed to effectively convey the story without pulling the audience out of the show.

Series Jury | Statement for Best Leading Performance

The jury thought the recipient of this next award brought great depth and range to their character. Their on screen presence and charisma easily drew us into the series and we found many moments where we felt that the performance was truly wonderful and affecting, finding ourselves instantly invested in their story.

Series Jury | Statement for Best Cinematography

Many of the projects this year had impressed us with their craftsmanship when it came to cinematography. The director of photography of one particular project took great care and had incredible attention to detail, thinking about how the lighting in every corner of the frame and in the foreground and background of shots impacts the story and how we connect to the characters.