Sat May 22, 2021

Creators interviews / Lotte Haus, South Korea/Germany

Interview with director Young Man Kang, actress Genie Kim and producer Joo-hyun Yoo

Lotte Haus is a web series co-production between South Korea and Germany, although web drama is the more common term for web series in South Korea. One could say the main characters are played by one of the tallest buildings on earth, the Lotte World Tower in Seoul, and the in comparison tiny historical Lottehaus in Wetzlar. In this interview Young Man Kang and Genie Kim are explaining the special connection between one of Asias biggest corporations and the world famous writer and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but also about the opportunities web dramas are giving young filmmakers in South Korea.

Text: Enrico Schierer, Birgit Schweitzer
Interview, Camera + Crew: Seriale Team 2019
Music: Jonathan Barbir
Editor: Beate Bambauer

Lotte Haus (2019)
Country: South Korea/Germany
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 55 min.
Director: Young Man Kang
Writer: Young Man Kang
Producers: Joo-hyun Yoo, Csongor Dobrotka
Cast: Genie Kim, Joris Schwarz, Sang Bin Suh, Letizia Bohl, Anna-Marlene Wirtz
Production Companies: YMK Films, Edgerank, Dobago Film, Tag & Nacht Media