The Gliwensbourg Chronicles (World Premiere)

Country: France | Genre: Dramedy, Western | Creator: Emilie Tommasi | Writer & Director: Emilie Tommasi | Producer: Association ACTIO | Main Cast: Arnaud Thery, Romain Pirosa, Adil Jbilou, Laurent Brebion, Jean-Philippe De Oliveira, Mattieu Bernhard, Nathalie Normand, Myriam Caucheteux, Lahcen Ait Ouali, Jonathan Taverne, Sylvain Csernak, Michel Hettmann, Frédéric Narguet

A French soldier from 1915 travels in time through a tunnel. He arrives in Gliwensbourg in 1925, in the middle of a booty hunt between rival clans. A Berber shaman tells him that he has an obscure mission, but now that he has amnesia, he tries to recover his memory and find out why he is there.