Agustin Sullivan

Actor | Argentina/Europe

Agustin Sullivan is an award winning Argentinian actor with experience in film, series and theater. He lives between Argentina and Europe. He is the main character of the series “Sandro de America” from the dir. Adrian Caetano (Prime Video Latam) for which he won the Martin Fierro Award for Best upcoming actor. He plays Carlos Menem Jr. on the series “Coppola” (Star+, Disney+, Hulu) and on the series “Menem” (will premiere in 2025 on Prime) from dir. Ariel Winograd. For his role as Cornelius on the Broadway musical “Hello Dolly”, he won the Hugo Award for best upcoming actor. He was nominated for the Condor Award for the film “La muerte no existe” from dir. Fernando Salem. In Spain he worked on the film “Unicorns” from dir. Alex Lora. He is part of the cast of the Paramount prod. “To catch a thief” inspired by Hitchcock’s film, filmed between Argentina and Spain, broadcasted in Latam/ Europe. He studied with Nora Moseinco in BA, Steven Ditmayer in NY, at the National University of Arts (UNA) in BA.