Angela Krewani

Professor for Media Studies, Author | Philipps-University Marburg | Germany

Angela Krewani is a professor for Media Studies at Marburg University. She is the author of “Moderne und Weiblichkeit: Amerikanische Schriftstellerinnen in Paris” (1992) and “Hybrid Forms: New British Cinema – Television Drama – Hypermedia” ( 2001) and the editor of “Artefacts/Artefictions: Transformational Processes in Contemporary Literatures, Media, Arts and Architectures” (2000). She has also published on imaging in natural sciences such as biomedicine and nanotechnology. From 2006 - 2007 she was a fellow at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Bielefeld and visiting professor at Brooklyn College, New York in 2008. She has completed a book on media art, “Medienkunst. Theorie, Praxis, Ästhetik” (2016), just recently she has co-edited a book on authorship, “Constructions of Media Authorship”. Her latest publication traces the mediality of the Corona pandemic, “Das Virus im Netz medialer Diskurse. Zur Rolle der Medien in der Corona-Krise” (2022, co-edited with Peter Zimmermann).