Anna Fatahov

Actor, Creator, Screenwriter, Director, Editor, Producer | Israel

Anna Fatahov is an actor, creator, screenwriter, playwriter, director, video editor and producer from Beer Sheva, Israel. Anna has a BA in communications from Sapir university (located in the Gaza envelope) majoring in news, which she obtained during the war with Gaza. Anna continued to study acting at the Goodman school in Beer Sheva, while the city was under multiple rocket attacks. Anna was accepted to the prestigious Creators’ Incubator of Herzliya Studios (United Studios of Israel), where she developed her comedy TV show “Matryoshka”, which focuses on the life of a crazy Russian family. Nowadays, Anna is working on a variety of projects - two plays that she has written, the TV show “Matryoshka” and a feature film. Anna continues to act and perform on stages and on screen. Her series “Protected Space” is now nominated in various festivals around the world. Its YouTube channel has gained over 700,000 views.