Antoine Disle

Producer, Distributor | TamTam Stories | France

Antoine has had a long career of business launches whose common point has always been the dissemination of culture. For almost 30 years, he fostered artistic creation both in Europe and in the United States, where he still has offices today. Very fond of prospective studies and disruptive technologies, he founded companies who pioneered in their field and sometimes were ahead of time, he was one the first to grasp the ‘Digital Revolution’ and started to produce new film formats. Rockzeline (2013) has produced or distributed over 100 series worldwide. Its collaborations include for example Canal+, TF1, France Television, Warner Bros, Fox Digital, Sony, Blackpills. In 2017, Antoine discovered the Blockchain technology and immediately started to gather knowledge on what he saw having a tremendous potential. He founded “Alphalight” in 2021 with the idea of mixing some of tomorrow’s paradigms: Web 3.0, the Blockchain, the Metaverse.