Florian W. Friedrich

Commissioning Editor, Social Media Expert, Project Manager | Germany

During his youth, Florian W. Friedrich performed at the Young Frankfurt Theater. After high school, he worked as a production intern at New Zealand Opera and the Tim Bray Theatre Company. Returning to Germany, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Media Studies from the University of Bayreuth, where he created several projects, including the documentary “Und jetzt sind wir da” and the comedy series “Roommate Quest!”. He gained hands-on experience through several internships, including in the editorial department of Galileo. From 2019 to 2021 he completed a traineeship at MDR, graduating with the documentary “Ich, 23, Priester”. He continued at MDR, focusing on project management, as a social media expert, and as a commissioning editor for children’s shows. In 2021, he co-created the interactive audio game “Mission to Mars” with Nicole Schneider, winning the MDR next Pitch Day. The game received the Games Innovation Award Saxony and was nominated for the Goldener Spatz award.