Henry Gagnon

President, CEO | HG Distribution | Canada

With over three decades of unparalleled expertise in direct sales, adept sales team leadership, and dynamic marketing management across esteemed national enterprises. Fuelled by an unwavering passion for nature, an insatiable thirst for adventure, and an innate knack for negotiation, he boldly inaugurated HG Distribution Inc. in 2006. With a steadfast commitment to championing independent producers, his visionary mission is to propel their creations onto the global stage, ensuring their rightful acclaim. Distinguished as a torchbearer for the Quebec industry, he commands a commanding presence in both domestic and international markets, steadily amplifying his focus on global production distribution.

Recipient of numerous accolades, including the prestigious titles of “Marketing Manager of the Year” for North America, “Sales Manager of the Year”, and “Marketing Technology”, his track record speaks volumes of his unparalleled prowess and relentless dedication to excellence.