Oliver Fahle

Film & Television Scholar, Professor of Film Theory & Film Aesthetics | Ruhr-University Bochum | Germany

Oliver Fahle is professor of “Esthetics and Theory of Film Studies” at the Ruhr University Bochum. His research focuses on documentary film as well as the theory, aesthetics and analysis of modern film, especially in Brazil and France, and audiovisual media. He is part of the graduate school “The Documentary. Excess and Privation” and at Ruhr-University the head of the international degree program “Cinema and Audiovisual Studies” (IMACS). Latest publications (Selection): Introductory theories of documentary film (Junius 2020, also published in Italian: Teorie del film documentario, Einaudi 2023); as editor with Friedrich Balke and Anette Urban: Broken Orders. The documentary of the present (transcript 2020); Televisuelle Stile der Serie. In: Sven Grampp/Olga Moskatova: Handbuch Televisuelle Serialität (Wiesbaden: Springer 2023).