Sao-Wen Cheng

Professor | Media University of Applied Sciences (HMKW) | Germany

Sao-Wen Cheng, born in Taiwan, has dedicated his life to academic research, teaching, and music. He pursued Economics at Soochow University, then advanced his studies in Germany. With a master’s and PhD in Economics, he balanced economic research with his lifelong love for music. Cheng’s journey included roles as a journalist, research assistant, and lecturer at the University of Siegen, where he shared his knowledge in economics and media management. Passionate about music and intercultural exchange, he lectured and authored in Germany. Currently a professor at HMKW in Frankfurt, specializing in media economics. Cheng’s business roles include export and import manager, product and marketing manager, and co-founder of companies. He actively engages in cultural projects and enjoys flying as a private pilot in his leisure time.