Tina Kaiser

Writer, Film Scholar, Publisher, Dramaturg | Philipps-University Marburg | Germany

Tina Kaiser studied cultural, film and art studies in Lüneburg and Berlin. She works as a writer, film scholar and publisher in Marburg. Dramaturgy and project development for feature films and documentaries in Berlin. 2008 PhD with the work “Aufnahmen der Durchquerung” (Transcript). Member of the DFG research network “Film Style”. Since 2013 postdoc researcher and faculty member at the Institute for Media Studies at the Philipps University. Since 2015 initiator of the event series “Doing Audio-Visual Media”. Current research project “Witterungsverhältnisse / Sensing the Weather - Working on the Audiovisual from the Perspective of Film Dramaturgy”. In addition, coordinator for media practice at the Institute since 2022. Q&As and workshops for the Berlinale Forum and the German Nature Film Award. She is also a board member of the hFMA Hessian Film and Media Academy since 2023.